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    Anna Tolosa

    What soft skills do you think are neccesary to get into the labour market?


    Some of the soft skills necessary to get into the labour market are: creative problem solving and innovation, communication skills, collaboration, active listening and leadership.

    Luis Ochoa

    Communication – Important when speaking with clients
    Persuasion – Critical when procuring new business and speaking to a product/service
    Responsibility – Essential when hitting goals and ensure accountability
    Confidence – Important to procuring trust with clients and making business decisions
    Resilience – Essential when dealing with rejection


    According to, the 15 Soft Skills You Need To Succeed When Entering The Workforce are:
    1. Empathy
    2. Ability To Influence Peers
    3. Emotional Intelligence
    4. Curiosity And Positivity
    5. Active Listening
    6. Humility
    7. Communication Skills
    8. Creative Problem-Solving
    9. Resilience
    10. Observation Skills
    11. Ability To Contextualize
    12. Willingness To Ask Questions
    13. Courage To Make Recommendations
    14. Relationship Building
    15. Self-Awareness
    In my opinion this is a very good list provided by the members of Forbes Coaches Council.

    Luis Ochoa

    I think “Self-Awareness” is one of the most important soft skill to be successfull.

Viendo 5 entradas - de la 1 a la 5 (de un total de 5)
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