Grupo para Facilitators’s Docs SPACES FOR KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE

Investing money in existing infrastructures and social spaces by buying computers and materials.

Profile of the seniors: retired, volunteers, with academic knowledge, that have been teachers or other relevant professions.

Profile of the Young people: come from low-income families and/or live in marginalized neighbourhoods and don’t have access to the necessary tools (internet, don’t have a place to study, etc.).

They will help seniors keep up with new technologies and improve their existing computer skills.

The main objective of this project is to foster the knowledge exchange between young people from low income neighbourhoods and retired people with academic knowledge to share.

On one hand, the seniors will support young people with their academic work from their experience, and in exchange young people will help senior acquire better computer and technological skills.

We will create an inviting environment to promote a good relashionship between both generations.


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